What is HUIT's Cloud & DevOps Program?

The Cloud & DevOps program at Harvard University Information Technology is dedicated to providing support for HUIT and the University as the shift to the cloud becomes a reality. This program includes a dedicated group, who are responsible for the development and maintenance of HUIT's new cloud-based computing environments, as well as additional services which support broader University needs.  

For applications supported by HUIT, the Cloud and DevOps Program is leading the transition to cloud-based infrastructure.

  • With years of combined team-member knowledge and experience in the cloud space, we provide technical expertise in every aspect of cloud computing in order to make the transition as smooth as possible and enable computing at Harvard to continue to operate at a consistently high level
  • We consider the interests of HUIT our main logistical priority and therefore envision a future in which all current HUIT responsibilities are maintained, but performed at a higher level
  • We are committed to lowering operational costs, using the savings unlocked by our team's efforts to prioritize funds for innovation that may not have been possible in the past

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